Friday: Wireless Capture The Flag


Friday, March 31, 2017 from 9AM-4PM

Pfister Hotel 23rd Floor Executive suite

Be prepared to break all types of wifi, find foxes, go wardriving, hack using SDR and maybe even decode a little IR. Open to all knowledge levels, from beginners to experts!  Attack Motion Detectors, Switch on/off the outlets, and find things extra… shocking! Run by the amazing Eric Escobar, a two time DEFCON wireless challenge winner! Learn from a Master no matter your skill level! =)



Gear Recommended:

  1. Bring a laptop + Kali
  2. Injection capable adapters:
  3. hack rf (or similar sdr):
  4. ham radio or similar:
  5. cheap receive only sdr:
  6. some way to see / receive infrared



3/27/2017 message from Eric Escobar:


I’m super stoked to have more contestants! Here is what I would recommend this moment:

Cheap ham radio –

2-3 of these –

Directional Antenna –

Laptops running Kali (could just be USB booted)

SDR – (Get it from somewhere else) – Send & Receive

SDR – (Cheap) Receive only

An old phone or webcam that does not have an IR filter *wink*


If you want some practice, have your hand at breaking WPA2, WEP, and locating hotspots with airodump.

If you didn’t get the SDR (software defined radio) you can do all but 3 of the challenges.

The only thing that may be hard to get in time is the Yardstick One SDR

The way better version of this is the HackRF One it’s expensive but incredible and on amazon


Best of Luck!