The second annual CypherCon 2.0 will take place at Milwaukee’s Science museum DISCOVERY WORLD on March 30/31, 2017 & a Parent/Child day with Hak4Kidz on April 1, 2017! To be successful we need help! We are now seeking volunteers and participation for various roles!


We are seeking sponsors to help us create an amanzing event here in Wisconsin. Contact Michael Goetzman for sponsorship Information



Sorry: Call for Papers closed as of Dec 31, 2017 – Please try again for 2018!

CypherCon 2.0 seeks proposals on various content to make this an amazing event for our attendees and documented for those that are unable to attend. CypherCon encourages submissions on all types of topics but selection emphasis will direct towards hacker topics and cryptography. If you have a passion for discovering and disclosing how things work/break and sharing that knowledge to the local community, you have that hacker spirit we are looking for!

The CypherCon 2.0 Call for Presentations began on October 1, 2016 and ended December 31, 2016! Please include your proposed title and abstract. Provide enough information so it is clear on why attendees would find your topic interesting, fresh, and relevant. Also include a brief biography on yourself. Most speaker/panel sessions are allotted 25 or 55 minutes not including Q/A. Q/A will follow offline afterwards. All types of presentations are encouraged, from solo talks, group talks, demonstrations, and announcements on something exciting.



A lot goes on behind the scenes. Enrich the Wisconsin hacker community by helping run the show and meet some amazingly talented locals!

We recommend you get involved with a village!

But…Sometimes we need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Writers – Are you a story maker? Our puzzles need a story. We need words in orders that make sense! Help us with your magical abilities!
  • Graphics – Can you turn pixels into master pieces? We could use your wizard powers!
  • Video – We would love to play around with video, can you film/edit for us?
  • Puzzles – You enjoy solving puzzles, but do you enjoy creating them?
  • Setup/Takedown – We need muscles and brains, whether it be stringing cables, loading and unloading heavy equipment, setting up lighting, hauling audio and video equipment, or smiling faces. We could use some help!
  • Information Gurus – Provide orientation and information to fellow attendees, as well as disseminate vital schedule and event updates. Keep an eye on things, make sure it flows smoothly!



We are building the press kit, in the meantime, just contact us, we are friendly…



Call for More! CypherCon invites any idea that might fit a Wisconsin Hacker conference. Got art, music, movies, or some crazy amazing idea? Want to host a new village? Do you have unique content that doesn’t seem to fit into any of the other categories? Email us those ideas, along with information about what it involves, to