Cluster Cracking Passwords & MDXfind

Robert Reif

Robert Reif

Speaker Bio

A college student with a serious interest in password psychology, storage, cracking and hashing. The last 2 years I have been a part of the password research group Cynosure Prime. I do not hold any degree, or IT job (yet) but, If I can do passwords so can you!


Password auditing is more important than ever before. We take a deep dive into some password cracking tools you probably have never seen.  Implementing a unified cluster interface allows you to complete password audits faster and gives collaborative teams access to information in real time. What about cracking unknown and obscure hashes? MDXfind covers a very wide array of hash algorithms and iterative hash types which can all be ran simultaneously. Come see how these tools work and how they can make your next password audit or penetration test a step above the rest.