Keep Calm And Hack All The Things (Hak4Kidz)

Anna Genz

Anna Genz

Brian Genz

Speaker Bio

Anna Genz is a middle school student in Southeastern Wisconsin who plays soccer, basketball, volleyball, flute, and classical guitar. She has attended the Hak4Kidz event in Chicago, picked locks at DerbyCon 5, and recently completed the  Practical Web Application Penetration Testing (PWAPT) course with Tim (lanmaster53) Tomes at DerbyCon 6.0.
Brian Genz (CISSP, GCIH, GNFA, GCFA, MBA, MSITM) is an information security professional with experience in the insurance, manufacturing, and defense intelligence sectors.


This talk is about the lessons learned by an 8th grade student, Anna Genz, who attended a web application penetration testing class at DerbyCon in 2016.  In addition to being the only kid in a room full of adults at a hacker conference studying challenging material, she was going to be an hour late after getting stuck in traffic. There was a moment of truth where she had to decide whether to walk into the class an hour late, or to give up and not go in.  This talk will highlight the decision she made, what she learned about hacking, and what she learned about taking risks.