Modern Evasion Techniques

Jason Lang

Jason Lang

Speaker Bio

Jason Lang (@curi0usJack) is a caffeine-imbued coding hermit, briefly emerging from the Wisconsin woods to congregate with other infosec & PowerShell lovers. Proficient in { }’s and trollery, Jason spends his days on the prowl for customer data and evenings in off-the-grid pursuits. #Nano4lyfe


*THIS PRESENTATION WILL NOT BE RECORDED* As pentesters, we are often in need of working around security controls. In this talk, we will reveal ways that we bypass in-line network defenses, spam filters (in line and cloud based), as well as current endpoint solutions. Some techniques are old, some are new, but all work in helping to get a foothold established. This talk will not be recorded. Defenders: might want to come to this one. :-)