Threat Intelligence 101: Basics without Buzzwords



Speaker Bio

The M4n_in_Bl4ck has spent a decade bringing a security mindset to businesses small to enterprise, across a wide swath of industries: hospitality, technology, retail, manufacturing, and financial. He has dealt with the gamut of end users, policy hamstrings, red tape, and internal politics we all have, and hasn’t ended up in a clock tower. He is working to better his own skill set in an IR // TI capacity and currently does both professionally in Milwaukee. When not hunting miscreants and APTs, he can be found reading, cooking, or at the movies. If you must approach him, come at him non-threateningly with a grey goose and tonic, and you will be revealed with stories of users and Swanson-esque steaks.


Everyone from experts to vendors to talking heads espouse the benefits of threat intelligence. It’s spoken of as a nebulous panacea that only a select few can dole out like ambrosia, and it is beyond the mere ken of the average security professional. This talk is going to cover the basics: what is threat intelligence, how to discern wheat from chaff, where you can find it, how you can use it, and where you can learn more about it.