Tracking/Monitoring WiFi devices without being connected to any network

Caleb Madrigal

Caleb Madrigal

Speaker Bio

Caleb Madrigal is a senior software engineer currently working on Incident Response software at Mandiant/FireEye. Most of his recent work has been in Python, Jupyter, Javascript, and C. Caleb has been into security for a while... in high school, he wrote his own (bad) cryptography and steganography software. In college, he did a good bit of "informal pen testing". Recently, Caleb has been playing around with SDR, IoT hacking, packet crafting, and a good bit of math/probability/AI/ML. Caleb has spoken at OSCON a couple times, Cyphercon, and a few Barcamps.  


A surprising amount of information can be intercepted by listening to raw WiFi signals. WiFi devices are continuously broadcasting information that can be use to track people's movements and even to infer things like when security cameras have detected motion. And this data can be intercepted from blocks away, without even being connected to any WiFi network. Come learn about some of the techniques that are almost certainly already being used by governments and corporations to track us all, and what can be done to help prevent it.