From zero to Bender in 12 months, how a software guy turned hardware



Speaker Bio

Zapp has been hacking on computers of various forms since he was very young, a self-taught coder, he has learned valuable lessons and caused plenty of data loss, mostly his own. He has a BS in Computer Science and Masters in Systems Engineering. Most of his professional career has been spent coding in Java, don’t judge him, and systems administration until recent promotion into management where he is limited to Outlook and Powerpoint. Inspired by electronic badges he’s recently balanced his MS Office worklife with embedded electronics and PCB design designing and producing the AND!XOR Bender Badge at DEF CON 24.


In this talk Zapp will walk you through how he went from barely knowing how to solder to building 175 electronic badges for DEF CON. He will detail the steps he took including projects he used to learn just enough to design, code, and produce the badges as well as share many of the screw-ups along the way. Finally, he will share a preview of the group's DEF CON 25 badge.